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Choose our own career path, if you don’t someone else will choose it for you.  Pursue your dreams, or someone else will hire you to pursue theirs.

The statistics
86% of us have a job.  We spend 1/3 of our lives in that job.  Another 1/3  sleeping, and the last 1/3 is divided between all the remaining pillars of life:
Family and Friends`

  Health and Fitness
Personal Growth
It highlights how precious and scarce time is.

For a lot of us, work life often takes priority and its not uncommon to become one dimensional.  It is a fact that if you want to have a successful career, you need to put in more effort than others BUT its a sacrifice.  Its not healthy.  All your other pillars are affected... so you need to be clear on WHAT YOU WANT.

What do you want? This is the most annoying question I have ever been asked.    Its hard to know what you want, because the first instinct is to want money, materialistic possessions, significant other etc... but its not the answer.  Success in society is defined by what we own, where we live and our job titles.  Its wrong!
Success should be defined as doing what you love.  I'm a big fan of Gary Vaynerchuk, check out his stuff on YouTube etc.  The internet is an amazing opportunity for us to make an income doing what we love.

Find a money mentor, and ask yourself a better question.  "What can you do that would be good for you and good for
those around you?"

It starts today

1. You need to work
Get a job, because money gives you options.  Put in some effort at work, as it will lead to something bigger.  Volunteer if you need a start, and do it well.

2. You are not your job
You are much more than your work role.  Be proud of the person you are... have multiple outlets and interests in your life.  Compeare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to someone on social media.

3. Try different things, follow your interests
I worked in the zoo industry for over a decade until I realised the part of the job I loved was public speaking, the rest just frustrated me.  Think about what you are passionate about, something you are naturally drawn to and dont need to be prompted to research, study or practice to be keep growing.  Get passionate!


It's our mission to help you live your life - better than 7!
CAREER is such an important part of that.
We've put together a free downloadable guide that you can use to help you get better than 7 with your Career.
I'd love to share a copy with you...
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