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A passionate presenter, wildlife conservationist and father of two.

An amateur comedian and some say a lot like Colin Farrel.  Charismatic, a little mischievous and... a shit actor!

Unbelievable?  Watch this...

A man I once knew
Written by Nick Bourke
I once knew a man

He was nothing special, no charisma, not very handsome… he was nothing like me!

Married, 2 kids, employed full time, a handful of close mates, a good neighbour... a genuinely ‘nice guy’.

He has no real focus in life, no purpose. 

He is doing what he feels is the right thing; working hard, raising a family in all the creature comforts…

but in reality digging himself deeper into financial debt, getting stuck in a job he where he doesn’t find fulfillment and into a position in life he did not consciously consider or even want. 

He is now living a life that someone else has designed. Trying to live up to their expectations…

His parents… You’ve got to go to uni, get a degree, have a foundation on which to start your life…. A foundation of hex debt!

His partner… slow down, enjoy the journey, be present… but all he can do is think of the future.. he sacrifices the present for a dream of early retirement and the opportunity to relax and enjoy all the cool stuff he has acquired.

His country... a hard earned thirst needs a big cold beer, and the best cold beer is… Australia is 8th highest drinking nation and encouraged to do better, to be the best! He contributed.

And complying with old social norms; you’re the man of the house, you’re meant to be the breadwinner.  Men are strong, don't show any weakness.  You've made your bed, lay in it.


His identity is his job.

Even his friends introduce him as...

This is my mate, he’s a construction worker.

But he’s so much more than that.

His job is just a means to an end.  It’s not really who he is or what he’s about. 

But sadly it is… where he will spend one third of his life.

He’s unconsciously living inside a comfort bubble, avoiding facing his fears….

Fear of failure,

Fear of judgment by those close to him,

And fear of public embarrassment if he fails. 

He’s not willing to take risks for personal growth.

He is stuck.


His daily routines don’t help

He repeatedly hits the snooze button before rolling out of bed late, still feeling tired.

He hastily gets dressed, sneak out the door without trying to wake anyone,  

And forget about breakfast.

He goes to work thinking, I will drink more water today,

In the afternoon I will spend quality time with the family

and in the evening take some time for myself to sort my shit out!

But the workday gets stressful

He is asked by his workmates to join them for a cheeky beer after work.

He finds it hard to say NO

The time he promised for himself and his family disappears.

He gets to the end of the evening where he grabs a beer from the fridge, turns on the TV and drifts away.

Comfortably Numb

He escapes the reality of the day that was.  Another one wasted.

With his last conscious thought being “Tomorrow will better’, “I’ll start new tomorrow”

He eats, sleeps, and repeats this pattern

Groundhog Day! Rings in his head every morning.

The path he is on is not leading towards an exceptional life of fulfillment and joy… but towards a life of pain and suffering with the end destination; regret.

It is my grandfather, my dad, me.

They say the greatest tragedy in life is not death,

But life without purpose

This man I once knew has now gone

He is on a new path

A path he has consciously chosen himself

One that is good for him, and good for those around him..

A life with purpose.



I believe its every mans legacy is finding out who he really is.  Self awareness.  It’s a dads/mans/mid 20 year old males ‘responsibility’ to go on the journey of self discovery.  But, you can’t tell guys what to do!  They need to decide for themselves.

Its my goal to at least inspire one guy to try.

Is it too late to start? No, we are always growing into our future selves.

Where do I start?  Right here

It Starts Today

A life… Better Than 7

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