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The art of self discipline

Do you sometimes find you lack motivation?

I have been struggling with finding motivation of late. Or at least I thought it was motivation, but after some investigation Im sure the problem is self discipline.

Motivation is defined as our reasons 'why' we do something. I want to look and feel good, so I exercise. I want to change careers so I make time to study of an evening.

But self discipline is the 'how' you are going to do it. Im going to get up earlier, put my joggers next to the bed and start jogging. I'll set up a study schedule, rearranging some of my daily routines and eliminating time wasting activities to create extra time for study.

The act of doing leads to motivation. You can sit around all day and find reasons 'why' you should do something. But if you take action, it gets the ball rolling. Sit and think for too long, motivation disappears.

I remember my first stand up comedy performance, I had two conflicting voices going on in my head. One was saying, 'Nick this is not a good idea" and the other voice was so faint, I had to force myself to hear. It was the one saying 'just put one foot in front of the other, keep moving forward'. And I bombed! But I felt a massive sense of achievement which has seen my go back to performing again and again.

After some research, I have found self discipline is the number one skill you need to move forward in life. The key point is, just get started. Let self discipline be the driving force in your life... and get moving!

It starts today.

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