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Great philosophers have said in many variety of ways; You're either moving forwards in life, or backwards. There is no stationary position. If you do decide to stop, rest and get comfortable, life will run you over.

In todays world, its all about attention. Who can get he most of your attention today? The TV, Social Media, on line shopping, computer games, headline news... the list goes on. Our attention to ourselves is often lost to the demanding outside world.

For me, I find my inner voice starts chattering away about making positive changes in my life. I'll start something new, get some momentum then, hit a wall. I'll usually blame some event.. like COVID. THere are plenty of examples; I'll sign up to the gym and then get sick, or start eating healthy and then Christmas comes along, or I'll start a new project but find ways to procrastinate around it.

It can be frustrating, and I start beating myself up about it. But there is something more to it than not just following through on these 'things' I would like to be doing. The underlying issue... my routines suck! I'm not setting myself up to have the best day ever. Instead, I'm just hoping it will come along.

In this clip I found; How to get action momentum started - Wisdom from Jordan Peterson, it describes just that. Set yourself in order, get the small things right and gradually you will get forward momentum. Once you get going you find you can take on bigger tasks, like going to the gym regularly or changing your diet. I've not got myself in order, so how can I expect to take on bigger tasks?

Its something I've been trying to instill in my kids... but I don't think I've got it right yet either! You're routines are something we do for ourselves... every day! Get them right! This week I'm starting from the beginning.. get myself in order and get forward momentum.

It starts today!

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