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Warren Buffet has a great health analogy...

Choose any brand new car you desire and tomorrow it will be delivered to your front door.  The only condition is that its the only car you'll ever have for your entire life.  How would you care for that car?  It would be polished, garaged and repaired as soon as required!

Imagine now that the car is your body.  I put mine into demolition derbies for a good decade or so.  A few little fixes that will make us run a bit better.

Unhealthy habits, poor routines or in pursuit of sporting conquests are just a few ways we abuse our bodies.  But what are the long term affects?  When retirement eventually arrives, our body is in such disrepair that pain relief pills, hip replacements and mobility scooters are the end result.  Think about your body and going the distance!  Its the only one you've got!

Start challenging yourself.  I became a vegetarian!  I read somewhere that single males eat toast for breakfast, have a meat pie for lunch and live off fast food for dinner.  We take the easiest option...  I had little energy as it was, so I made the decision to be vegetarian, announced it to my family and friends and I've been eating fruit and veg since.  Lost 10kg... still a vegetarian today!

Be a healthier you...
It starts today!

1. Find an activity or space for yourself
Get up and start moving.  Its the old 'one foot in front of the other' story.  I had to make myself... because its hard!  I started jogging, Forrest Gump style.  Go for walks, hit the gym, start stretching!  Motivation comes from the action of actually doing something... so get up!

2. Talk to others about it
Share your success and your failures.  This is a great way to stay inspired.  When I started jogging I told my colleagues... they of course said "why the hell would you do that?".  I started to answer that question with "because its difficult!"  The easy path will not get you anywhere you want to go.  It gets the doubters to thinking about themselves... "if he can do it, maybe I can too?"  I found it was a conversation topic at lunch with the boys... it motivated me to keep going, and inspired others to try.

3. You are never going to feel like it!

The first thing I used to do in the morning was hit the snooze button.  My first decision of the day was to stay in bed... the easy option!  It sets up the rest of the day to follow suit... staying in the same place as yesterday... no progress.  We need to physically force ourselves to move.  Try it... set your alarm for 1/2 an hour earlier and get up on the first alarm.  You'll have spare time, so why not exercise!



It's our mission to help you live your life - better than 7!
HEALTH is such an important part of that.
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