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In this face paced world, we need to be running just to keep up.  Everyone and everything is vying for our attention, so it is essential to MAKE time for yourself, and use it wisely.
Understanding yourself and continually growing is what life is all about.  We are NEVER finished growing up!  It requires asking yourself two questions;
1. Who are you growing into? 
2. and How you plan to get there?
It may involve acquiring new habits, hobbies, skills but most likely trying new strategies... because the ones you are currently using aren't serving you well!  No matter how good a person is, they can always do better.  The key is to compare yourself to who you were yesterday, and NOT to who someone else is today.
I really only started my personal growth a few years ago.  It started with a traumatic event being the catalyst, followed by:
  • counselling
  • self analysis, discovery and understanding
  • studying with personal growth coaches
  • connecting with others on the journey forward
  • planning/creating a life I wanted
  • conceptualizing who it is I'm trying to be
  • committing to it
  • ...with more to come

Nothing on this earth is standing still.

It's either growing or it's dying.

No matter if it's a tree or a human being.

- Lou Holtz


It starts today
1. Set some simple goals
Start with some simple weekly goals, monthly goals, 6 month goals.  Make them an effort but achievable... like jog 1km for week 1, or alcohol free Fridays.  Sometimes its easier to delete rather than add, and we all have something that could be deleted.  Its your life, you choose.  There are plenty of goal setting examples on the internet.
2. Read, listen to a podcast, take a class
I can not recommend this enough.  Motivational speakers change your mindset... bottom line!  Get yourself some headphones that fit comfy, pop them on when you jog or walk. Try them all and find the ones you like... Les Brown, Tony Robbins, David Goggins etc.  Its about finding someone that resonates with you,  gets you fired up, gets you motivated... for me, gets me emotional!  When I get to THAT place, fear and pain disappear and the effort is enjoyable!
3. Break Pattern
We all get set in our ways.  Its our default mode to find a comfortable routine and eat, sleep, repeat.  You need to break these patterns to make positive changes and allow for growth.  It could be getting up early to see the sun rise, trying something new like stand up comedy or taking a class in something you've been wanting to try.  Challenge yourself.  Life becomes interesting when you do.  


It's our mission to help you live your life - better than 7!
PERSONAL GROWTH is such an important part of that.
We've put together a free downloadable guide that you can use to help you get better than 7 with your Personal Growth.
I'd love to share a copy with you...
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