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I'm not going to lie, this is not my area of excellence.  
The fact is, life is hard without money.  Money provides us with options, and it allows us some freedoms when we have it.  But it's also said there comes a point where money doesn't make things easier it just causes more problems.

Most of us aim way too high and set daunting and unachievable financial goals.  Making our first million by the time we are 25, buying a chain of houses and renting them, the list goes on.  The aim should be to earn enough money to allow comfortable living.  

Start taking an interest in your finances.  You need to have a strategy with money and from experience, willful blindness is a bad one.  Work out how much money you would need to live comfortably and adjust accordingly.  

Its a risk to gamble with your money, but its also a risk to sit around and do nothing with it.  Get creative with your cabbage!

The obvious starting place for me was to cut back on indulgent pleasures.  Beer, gambling and nights out.  But the honest truth is that I am now happy with my own company.  I can sit and write, read, and relax in the now.  I don't need added extras to make me happy because I'm happy within myself.  I think that is the starting point to being financially happy.
Love yourself.

It starts today

1. Read Barefoot Investor. 
Even if your not into reading, it has some great action steps and even scripts to read out over the phone to get a better deal.  I have done it and it works... and you feel great afterwards!

2. Eliminate 3 expenditures.
We all have our vices and unfortunately most of them effect our pocket.  So maybe start easy with small deletions like coffee, alcohol or treats.

3. Map out your ideal financial situation
Take the time to write down income and expenses and pinpoint where you are... exactly!  If you do not know where you are, you are drifting along in willful blindness



It's our mission to help you live your life - better than 7!
FINANCES is such an important part of that.
We've put together a free downloadable guide that you can use to help you get better than 7 with your Finances.
I'd love to share a copy with you...
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