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Your family includes your circle of friends, coworkers, teammates, community groups and/or organizations.  This is your family.

We are all a little node in a network, and on a daily basis we influence that network that affects the world.  Every person you come into contact with has an affect on you, as you do to them.  Questions to ask yourself are: What affect are your family having on you?What affect are you having on the world?

Not that long ago, I was nihilistic.  There was no real meaning to life.  I should just work hard, grab what I can and enjoy indulgent short term pleasures.  I was just following my random impulses through life with no real long term plan.  That eventually caught up with me in my 40's and I didn't like where I found myself.

I blamed others for my position in life, and became bitter and resentful.  It wasn't until I started to really watch my own behaviour that I noticed I was infecting all those around me with my negativity.  I couldn't stop it, so I became anxious, I retreated from the world and avoided social outings.

What scared me most was the thought that my views of the world will be passed on to my kids,  and they'll pass it on to their kids, and the chain will continue.  It was my responsibility to change.  
The day comes when you realise that no one knows the meaning of life or how to live properly.  Its the journey you have to discover for yourself, to find yourself.  And do you really have anything better to do?

Find yourself and your family relationships will be immensely better.  Most importantly, you'll love yourself, have more love for others and be a positive influence on the world.  And right now we need it.

It Starts Today

1. Be in the now
Turn off media devices, find the child within and get involved in activities.  Use your body's energy to express yourself.  LOVE means quality TIME to those in your inner circle.

2. Values and beliefs
Be clear on these.  Use some tools and research what are YOUR values and beliefs.  We are all unique individuals, so take the time to find your Core Values.  I found I was trying to live by my family, my partners and societies beliefs... they were not my own, and I struggled.  Once I became clear on my own, it gave me a framework for discipline and areas I wanted to improve myself in.  It motivated me! Discovering your core values is so important.

3. Share your personal growth journey with others.
Discussing your new direction and plans to improve makes your relationships stronger.  When I shared my stories with friends, family and colleagues, some challenged my ability to do so, but some decided to step up too.  My kids in particular made me accountable, and it was so rewarding to show them my progress.  There will always be those that question what you are doing, but leave them be for now.  You're on your own path... one that will lead to a life better than 7!


It's our mission to help you live your life - better than 7!
FAMILY is such an important part of that.
We've put together a free downloadable guide that you can use to help you get better than 7 with your Family.
I'd love to share a copy with you...
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